Win Any Negotiation With This Psychological Strategy

Have you ever wondered how some people easily negotiate their way out of anything?

Robert Cialdini, a social psychologist, shares that what separates these people from the rest of the population is that they have the ability set the stage right before stating their case.

He added that the best persuaders eventually become the best negotiators through pre-suasion, which is the art of arranging the audience to be receptive to their message right before they deliver it.

These highly persuasive people easily convince others by using a particular language that will open up the audience to an idea even before they mention it. This skill is called pre-suasion. Convincing others through a language that manages their mental associations almost always become effective.

As an example, if you want to change your team’s everyday meetings to weekly huddles, try using verbs and adjectives that highlights the importance of efficiency and free time. Mentioning “lengthy meetings” or “freer timetables” would certainly sway your team towards the change.

Injecting a “we” mentality is also a significant part of the art of negotiating. The more your audience feels that the speaker is close to resembling them, the more receptive they would be to the speaker’s argument. To best way to get what you want is to position yourself as acting in unity with the audience.