When Is It Time To Quit?

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Nowadays, it is impossible for people to spend decades on one company only. Statistically speaking, the average your professional will have four career changes by age 32. Moreover, more than half o these young professionals are open to changing their current jobs.

How do you it’s about time to head out the door?

If you don’t see a path for growth or promotion in your company, it’s probably a sign to look elsewhere. If there’s someone above you who isn’t going to leave, you’re not going anywhere.

When you cannot escape your “embedded reputation,” it’s about time to pack your bags. If you are stuck in a situation where your manager still sees you as a junior-level worker despite having changed roles, send in your resignation letter.

Going to work should excite you at least a little. But if you don’t feel too good about working at the same company anymore, it’s time to rethink about your choices. Life is short, so you have to spend a major chunk of your day doing the things that you love and those that excite you.

If you found yourself constantly thinking about another passion or job, it could be a smart career jump. Chasing after your dreams and following your passion pays off in the end.