The Best Lessons These Successful Men and Women Received

Here are some of the most successful people who received these amazing lessons from their mentors:

Humbly say yes.


Danae Ringelmann, chief development officer and found of Indiegogo learned from her mentor that the world likes inertia and it loves to say “no.” As an entrepreneur, just keep saying yes and create the change the world doesn’t know it needs.

Think big things, be bold.

Yuli Ziv, bestselling author of Millionaire Influencer, CEO and founder of Style Coalition, and a foreign entrepreneur who bootstrapped her company from zero to millions, learned to think big, and to not be afraid to make bold choices and do bold things that will liberate your business.

Live below, or within your financial capacity.

Joshua Harris, founder of Quantum Jump Consulting, started becoming an entrepreneur at 12 years old and he now helps beginners grow a digital marketing business. He was taught that using debt to experience luxuries and live a lifestyle outside your financial bracket takes away every ounce of chance to achieve your success.

Don’t be a hindrance to your own success.

Michael Oved, founder of Swap Protocol, is passionate about a future where society will trade digital value without fear. He was told that there are three things that can bring any great person down: greed, fear, and ego.