Robots, Our Jobs, and the AI Revolution

Apparently, technologies are expanding at an exponential rate, making experts and futurists predict that soon, artificial intelligence and machines will be doing our jobs.

While we do agree to this big possibility, it is probably wrong to be scared about it. The truth remains that there is absolutely no law that will determine the consequences of innovation and technology and that we, the people, will be the biggest influence on how far it is going to go.

The bright side of it all is that newer technologies will also create new jobs. But if you are trying to predict whether new waves of technology will pave the way for more jobs than it will destroy is not worth thinking about. Experts are split at 50-50.

Another study pointed out that about one-third of the tasks performed of today’s jobs are most likely to be eliminated or even significantly altered by new technology. To sum it up, the majority of our jobs are still intact, but our daily tasks will have a drastic change.

Up to this day, digital technology and robotics have had big effects on routine jobs such as spell-checking, and those that need hard work, such as lifting heavy tires. Admit it or not, our lives are becoming easier with every bout of new technologies that come in.