How Your Spouse Could Possibly be Holding Back Your Success

They say that one’s success is dependent on your significant other, so choose wisely. Lucky for those who have found a lifetime partner who has their back no matter what. Unfortunately, there are those who haven’t found the right one.

If your partner always doubts your abilities, making you doubt yourself as a result, it is not a good sign. Your partner’s constant negative remarks may not immediately dampen your spirit, but it will soon erode your self-confidence when you start having self-doubts.

When your loved one complains about your career and your job getting in the way of your relationship, she could be hindering your success. This will make you feel conflicted and guilty, which is not healthy.

Lastly, when you feel that there is a correlation between good things in your career and your SO picking a fight, pulling away, or getting cold, it is a big red flag. Your partner could probably be harboring feelings of resentment following your career’s success, and this will soon weaken your resolve and affect your pursuit of success.

Who you choose as a partner is just as important as how you want to achieve success. Our partner should be our cheerleader, and they should be there to support our success, as we would support theirs.