Conflicts in the Office and How to Handle It

With different people who have diverse expectations and interests come together, the workplace can indeed be the perfect spot to brew conflicts. Your very first reaction to office drama may be to blame one person, but this is not the best way to go. When conflicts start to emerge, reflect on what your possible mistakes are, before pointing fingers.

The next step is to consider the times you’re involved in an office argument. Were you always a common denominator? If so, then it is most likely possible that you are at fault.

If you’ve ruled out that you weren’t the real cause by going through the steps above, try to empathize with the person and think of where he is coming from. Why are they doing these things? If you grasp the underlying dynamic, it gives you a more empathetic view of them.

According to experts, there are various kinds of employees who have disruptive behavior. They are those who are emotional, egocentric, to obsessive colleagues. When get to encounter these irritating employees, it’s best to avoid them.

But if you could, try to have open communication with the person who has been irritating you. Just like any relationship, workplace relationships are built on communication and openness.