Being in Control of Your Inner Critic

Almost anyone in this world always has this inner voice that always has something to say in every situation in your life. This nosy and judgmental voice inside our head, could actually squelch our creative instincts and let significant opportunities just pass by.

According to science, there is a good reason for having such inner critic. This voice is an integral part of the adrenalin-fueled threat protection system in our brain which is responsible for flight-or-fight response and our ability to learn from our mistakes.

When this goes too far, we become overly self-critical and even feel threatened even when there is no actual external threat. While we may not entirely silence our inner critic, and we would never really want to, we can control it so it won’t stifle our creativity.

First, you have to think about the bad outcome that you are afraid about, and one of the most common items here is rejection. The next step, think of a few reasons why your idea won’t be rejected. Lastly, if your idea does get rejected, think of a good outcome of the whole experience. This will drastically change your thinking and silence the inner critic who has been trying to stifle your creative ideas.